KoreConX CEO Oscar Jofre invited to Speak at the 2016 Big Data Conference in Guiyang#November 2, 2016

Toronto, ON : KoreConX CEO, Oscar Jofre, has been invited by the Guiyang Municipal People’s Government to speak at the 2016 Guiyang Big Data Financial Credit System Construction and Risk Prevention and Control Conference. He will be discussing how KoreConX works towards improving risk management and using big data in Alternative Finance as part of a keynote address at the event on November 2nd.

“It’s really an honor to be invited to take part in an event of this scope” said Mr. Jofre. “China is a market leader in big data, alternative finance, and RegTech, things I’m extremely passionate about. I’m looking forward to contributing my insights on risk management for alternative finance.”

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Contact Information:Darcy Brooks

Director, Communications, KoreConX