KoreConX announces its Australian partnership with SME Brokers #13 November 2018

KoreConX SME Brokers

The company will become part of the KorePartners ecosystem and will be supporting KoreConX security token protocol exclusively

[New York, NY – November 01, 2018] KoreConX is proud to announce SME Brokers will now be integrated into the company’s KorePartners ecosystem.

SME Brokers are part of an international group of business advisers currently servicing in excess of 60,000 small to medium-sized enterprises globally. SME Brokers have access to leading-edge management and development programs that are backed by technology solutions designed to improve business performance from startup phase all the way to exit phase.

SME Brokers will now be exclusively using the KoreToken protocol in conjunction with the all-in-one KoreConX platform. SME Brokers achieve best practice methods for its clients through a unique practical methodology developed over many years, working and interacting with businesses around the world.

“As a global platform, it is important for us to demonstrate we have KorePartners who understands our business and supports it 100%.  SME Brokers is just that partner for us at KoreConX. They understand small and medium-sized companies and see the changes in the global marketplace,” said Oscar Jofre, CEO and co-Founder at KoreConX. “This is why they support our security token protocol and platform exclusively in Australia, and we are thrilled to have them part of our family of KorePartners.”

“We always strive to provide the best solutions to our clients. We can rest assured knowing that KoreConX developed a security token protocol and an all-in-one platform that is mainly focused on compliance and follows the regulations in multiple jurisdictions,” said Michel Aliphon, managing director at SME Brokers.

SME Brokers will become part of the KorePartner ecosystem, a group of selected broker-dealers, secondary market platforms, capital markets platforms, lawyers, compliance, investor relations, accounting, and marketing firms that support the KoreConX security token protocol and adhere to KoreConX governance standards. KoreConX’s KorePartners are from around the globe and bring the necessary expertise that a company will need to launch a fully compliant security token in multiple jurisdictions.

About KoreConX

KoreConX is the world’s first highly-secure permissioned blockchain ecosystem for fully-compliant tokenized securities worldwide.

To ensure compliance with securities regulation and corporate law, the KoreConX all-in-one, AI-based blockchain platform manages the full lifecycle of tokenized securities including the issuance, trading, clearing, settlement, management, reporting, corporate actions, and custodianship. KoreConX connects companies to the capital markets and secondary markets facilitating access to capital and liquidity for private investors.

KoreConX is the first secure, all-in-one platform for private companies to manage their capital market activity and stakeholder communications. Removing the burden of fragmented systems and inefficient tools across multiple vendors, KoreConX offers a single environment to connect companies, investors and broker/dealers. Leveraged for investor relations and fundraising, private companies can share and manage corporate records and investments including portfolio management, capitalization table management, virtual minute book, security registers, transfer agent services and virtual deal rooms for raising capital.



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