JOBS Act 10th Anniversary is Celebrated With New Project: KoreTalkX

KoreConx launches new multimedia content in special premiere with David Weild IV

While the JOBS Act completes its 10th anniversary, reshaping the present and future of startups, venture capital and initial public offering markets, KoreConX is thrilled to announce its new initiative in empowering entrepreneurs and investors: KoreTalkX. A multimedia space to share knowledge and stories to improve entrepreneurial access to capital.

KoreTalkX will not sound like a regular interview or podcast. KoreTalkX will air biweekly on Tuesdays, 10 AM and has, as a premise, the mission to be a more informal and open space for topics that probably wouldn’t be seen on major media platforms, with relevant content that can be watched or listened to on multiple platforms.

Oscar A Jofre, co-founder and CEO of KoreConX, is anxious to start. “It is like having our own talk show, but with no limits. We will go live on LinkedIn, YouTube and a brand new channel we are about to explore: podcasts. We want our content to be relevant. We are starting an open public library for anyone who wants to grow their companies.”

Selected to kick off this new project, David Weild IV, Chairman & CEO of the investment bank, Weild & Co., known as the “Father of the JOBS Act” is proud of what it has achieved. “The JOBS Act has tangibly improved entrepreneurial access to capital especially in social impact industries. It’s an honor to kick off KoreTalkX on the 10th Anniversary of when President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law. I can’t wait to see what we can do over the next 10 years. It is great to see platforms like KoreConX helping entrepreneurs succeed. It will be a lively discussion for those interested in access to growth capital, upward mobility, jobs and social impact.”

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