Partnership Strengthens Growing Industries Raising Private Capital

KoreConX and Fundopolis

In another strategic move, KoreConX All-In-One Platform announces partnership with Fundopolis, an online investment bank specializing in exempt offerings and private placement capital allocation, as a way to keep creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs.

At first, Fundopolis was a KoreClient, attracted by its industry leading state of the art platform dedicated to processing and recordkeeping issuer and investor transactions in Exempt Capital-Raising Offerings, specifically RegCF and RegA+ offerings. Fundopolis uses KoreConX´s technology for their capital market activities.

As KorePartners, Fundopolis, a FINRA Broker-dealer registered in all 50 states, is eager to make their expertise available to the whole private capital ecosystem. With expertise in sectors such as real estate and cannabis, the online bank offers experience in these ever-expanding industries, guiding private companies as they navigate the complex regulatory space while introducing them to investors who share their vision for the future. Fundopolis is also part of the ecosystem for RegD, RegCF, and RegA+ offerings providing the FINRA broker dealer services to help companies raise capital.

“Beyond that, we understand that the investment landscape is constantly changing, and we pride ourselves on approaching the entire process with an eye on what is possible. As a recordkeeping transfer agent and escrow platform, we believe KoreConX is the perfect partner for Fundopolis, providing access to a vast ecosystem of investors and issuers,” says Bert Pearsall, CEO & Managing Principal at Fundopolis.

Co-founder and CEO at KoreConX, Oscar A. Jofre, acknowledges Fundopolis as a highly rated KorePartner. “When we first met, as a KoreClient, we saw a great potential and a lot of opportunities ahead of us. Since our solution unites tools to securely and efficiently manage business data and facilitate compliance during all the capital raising process regardless of where they are in this cycle, it was only natural to add them to our valuable team of KorePartners.”

About KoreConX

Founded in 2016, KoreConX is the first secure, All-In-One platform that manages private companies’ capital market activity and stakeholder communications. With an innovative approach and to ensure compliance with securities regulations and corporate law, KoreConX offers a single environment to connect companies to the capital markets and now secondary markets. Additionally, investors, broker-dealers, law firms, accountants and investor acquisition firms, all leverage our eco-system solution. For investor relations and fundraising, the platform enables private companies to share and manage corporate records and investments: it assists with portfolio management, capitalization table and shareholder management, virtual minute book, security registration, transfer agent services, and virtual deal rooms for raising capital.

KoreConX All-In-One Platform announces partnership with Fundopolis. Read more in our blog.

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