Global Healthcare Platform chooses KoreConX Digital Securities Protocol#12 Jun 2019

KoreConX - Minthealth

MintHealth joins an ever-growing group of companies adopting the KoreProtocol

[New York, NY – June 12, 2019 ] – KoreConX is thrilled to announce that MintHealth, a global health platform, has chosen the KoreProtocol as its official protocol to be used in their Digital Securities Offering.

MintHealth is a global, decentralized health platform that aligns healthcare stakeholders around the shared goal of patient empowerment and improved clinical outcomes at lower costs. The company was created by Dr. Samir Damani, Dr. Vishal Verma, and Dr. Jean Balgrosky, aiming to improve the quality of life with a patient-centered healthcare ecosystem based on blockchain technology.

Patients are empowered with self-sovereign health identity that allows them to access and share sensitive information across all the sectors involved in the treatment, such as Health Plans, Pharmacies, Health Systems, Doctors, and more.

The KoreConX all-in-one platform will provide Minthealth the ability to manage their entire company’s compliance activities. Their shareholders will have a fully branded experience of the platform that will give them portfolio management. Minthealth will have investor relations features to send reports, news releases, schedule shareholder meetings, and provide online evoting.

“We are truly glad that more and more companies are starting to realize the transformation that comes with blockchain, as a powerful way to secure sensitive data. MintHealth is not only using this technology to change the health industry, but also to transform their way of doing business,” said Oscar Jofre, Co-Founder & CEO at KoreConX. “We are thrilled that they chose the KoreConX all-in-one platform for their Digital Securities.”

“As a blockchain-based company, we know the importance of a digital securities protocol that is robust, secure, fully-compliant as well a platform that can manage the entire lifecycle of the protocol and the company. That’s why we choose the KoreConX all-in-one platform and the KoreProtocol because we know that Oscar and his team have compliance and investor protection as priorities,” said Dr. Verma. “And that’s what we want for our investors.”

About MintHealth

A global decentralized health platform that empowers patients with a self-sovereign health identity and aligns patients, providers, and payers to battle disease.

MintHealth enables companies to achieve intended health and economic outcomes with their existing products/services through a universal user rewards and redemption marketplace.

About KoreConX

KoreConX is the world’s first highly-secure permissioned blockchain ecosystem for fully-compliant digital securities worldwide.

To ensure compliance with securities regulation and corporate law, the KoreConX all-in-one, AI-based blockchain platform manages the full lifecycle of digital securities including the issuance, trading, clearing, settlement, management, reporting, corporate actions, and custodianship. KoreConX connects companies to the capital markets and secondary markets facilitating access to capital and liquidity for private investors.

KoreConX is the first secure, all-in-one platform for private companies to manage their capital market activity and stakeholder communications. Removing the burden of fragmented systems and inefficient tools across multiple vendors, KoreConX offers a single environment to connect companies, investors and broker/dealers. Leveraged for investor relations and fundraising, private companies can share and manage corporate records and investments including portfolio management, capitalization table management, virtual minute book, security registers, transfer agent services and virtual deal rooms for raising capital.

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