First KoreSummit in 2023 Connects Real Estate, JOBS Act, Tokenization, and Liquidity

The consolidated educational event held by KoreConX is back in 2023 with daily sessions and a cutting-edge theme to help entrepreneurs excel in the Real Estate business

KoreConX’s KoreSummit | Pocket Sessions For Real Estate, JOBS Act and Liquidity starts on February 27th, with daily sessions until March 3rd. A total of 12 panels will be held throughout the week. Real Estate is one of the sectors that recorded over USD 1 billion in growth investments in 2021, making it a promising sector for the private market along with e-commerce, media and entertainment, and financial services, according to Mordor Investments.

Day One of the KoreSummit starts with Douglas Ruark, President of Regulation D Resources, and Oscar Jofre, CEO and Co-Founder of KoreConX, explaining the future of Real Estate as a business vertical for issuers and investors, and they are joined by Nathaniel Dodson, Principal Attorney of Crowdfunding Lawyers, for the second session of the day, sharing where and how to start in the business.

On Tuesday, 28th, Peter Daneyko, CRO of KoreConX, will host separate sessions about Fractional Ownership and choosing the right Investor Acquisition strategy. Laura Pamatian (Founder of HeightZero), Andrew Corn (CEO of E5A Integrated), and Jillian Bannister (CEO of Ext Marketing), among others, will join the discussion.

Other sessions will include debates about the best regulations to use for each project (RegA+, RegCF, RegD, or RegS), considering accredited and non-accredited investors, what happens when the offerings are live, from an end-to-end perspective, and the possibilities in secondary markets (ATS). The final panel will bring experts on Real Estate to talk about their relevant experience in the business.

Oscar A Jofre stresses how firmly he believes in Real Estate: “It is time to deeply explore and discover how entrepreneurs and investors can profit from the JOBS Act regulations. There is a lot emerging with tokenization and, once again, technology can level the playing field and provide individuals with opportunities. Let’s bring all we’ve got to deliver a great learning experience.”

The event is 100% online and free, with live broadcasting through Airmeet, a platform enabling full participation and a real connection experience between attendees and speakers.