KoreChain – Interactive Item – Compliance

Functional Layer – Compliance

Allows broker dealers to manage their due diligence requirements from issuers including full transparency on the entire application, review and listing (if subscribed to KoreConX Capital Markets), and includes reporting. Perform all your know your client (KYC), anti-money laundering, ID verification, suitability through our Compliance feature and even track online payments. Client reporting functionality (monthly, quarterly, annual) is also built in. Keep your broker dealer audit ready and organized at all times.

For issuers, manage compliance with regulatory reporting, while maintaining good governance and transparency.

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Capital Markets

Functional Layer – Capital Markets

Simplify compliance for all parties involved in the capital raising process. KoreConX Capital Markets helps broker dealers manage all the regulatory requirements for know your product (KYP) related to issuers and for each investor ID verification, suitability, anti-money laundering (AML), know your client (KYC) , and investor accreditation.

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Transfer Agent

Functional Layer – Transfer Agent

Manage and perform securities transfers without the wait, risk or cost. KoreConX’s SEC-registered Transfer Agent service combines simplified, efficient and secure security transactions. Require a transfer agent or just want someone else to manage your securities transactions, then you have found an inexpensive solution that provides, you and your investors, the transparency you never get from traditional transfer agents.

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Investor Relations

Functional Layer – Investor Relations

Communicate with investors and potential investors directly using KoreConX Investor Relations feature. Track shareholder engagement with the ability to view downloads and confirm opened messages. Generate reports sent directly from the platform, complete regulatory filings, contract facilitation and more. Set up, organize and run shareholder meetings, create e-voting items and track responses.

KoreChain – Interactive Item – CapTable Management

Functional Layer – CapTable Management

Manage your capitalization table down to each transaction including the details and documents that are cross-linked to the individual security holder’s profiles. View the information in summary or by security type (shares, options, warrants, debentures, loans, promissory notes, SAFE/SAFT, etc.). Easily update data with the powerful bulk upload tool.

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Portfolio Management

Functional Layer – Portfolio Management

Get the full and simplified view of all your investments, organized in one central location. View company information (including board and management team), scheduled meetings, voting opportunities (electronic/e-voting), send and receive messages. Categorized by holding type (shares, options, warrants, debentures, etc.), as well as designations such as public and private.

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Enterprise User Directory

Integration & Data Layer – Enterprise User Directory

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KoreChain – Interactive Item – KoreAuditChain

Security Layer – KoreAuditChain

The KoreAuditChain is a separate, parallel blockchain that immutably logs all interactions, both at the level of individual transactions and complete processes. The network identities of participants and all datetime stamps are logged. The KoreChain cannot access the KoreAuditChain, while the KoreAuditChain can only read the KoreChain data.