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  • Manage your cap table in multi currency
  • Track everything in the hands of shareholders. Securities are issued as eCerts, eliminating the cost and hassle of traditional paper certificates
  • Manage the entire shareholder lifecycle. Issuance, transfers, trades, conversions, redemptions, dividends of their issued securities with ease while maintaining stringent compliance standards
  • Provide all your shareholders access to view their holdings in your company
  • Transactional documentation for near-automatic compliance
  • Regardless of company lifecycle, records are readily available to shareholders
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Manage your Cap Table in multi currency

As well as Shares, Options, Warrants, Debenture, Loans, SAFE, CrowdSafe, Security Token, Digital Securities, Stable Coins, and NFT

Your Cap Table in the KoreConX
All-In-One Platform

Simplicity Simple

The all-in-one Cap Table management solution is cross-linked with essential documents and investor information so that data is easily accessible to relevant parties.

Accuracy Accurate

With updates in real-time, your cap table will never be out of date, giving you the power of accurate information whenever and wherever you may need it.

Comprehensive Comprehensive

Manage all issued securities, debt, equity, digital, options/warrants and exotic securities.

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Improve Cap Table Management

When a company has already raised money from investors, the cap table becomes an even more important document. KoreConX’s cap table management software can help keep track of all shareholders and their respective equity. Investors need to know who is in charge, what voting rights each person has, and what kind of leverage they have when negotiating.

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"As a securities lawyers and sensitive to the need to maintain orderly books and records of any company, I am a big believer in the business proposition of KoreConX."

Douglas Ellenoff, Partner at Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP

"KoreConX is a fantastic tool for keeping track of corporate actions and making sure you get it right."
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Bonnie Rae, Partner at Cohen & Gresser LLP

"Using KoreConX to manage the financial aspects of an organization is a breeze. I can share reports with relevant parties and always know when they have looked at them. Makes my job so much more efficient while at the same time gives me a tool to provide the transparency of information to all those necessary, and it is in a secure environment."

David Gosselin, CPA, Partner DBB McKennon

"I believe that KoreConX provides real value to our company and our shareholders. For us it provides an integrated, secure, transparent and efficient way for the management of WAFU to interact with its shareholders and its board of directors. The time and costs saving alone make it a no-brainer for a small company like ours which currently has 20-30 shareholders but which is expecting to expand to more than 50 shareholders as a result of our upcoming equity crowdfunding round."

Gil-Michel Garcia, CEO, WAFU