What Independence Day means to KoreConX

Independence Day is a really iconic holiday. Parades and fireworks, concerts and cookouts, celebrations of what America is and what it aspires to be, surrounded by that patriotic pride. Independence Day has special meaning to us at KoreConx, because we have always believed our mission to be the democratization of the American Dream. 


Big things start in small garages, like the ones where Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne started planting the Apple seed, or where Bill Gates and Paul Allen started looking at the future through Windows. But it was difficult to raise capital in those days, and those guys were lucky. How many other great ideas never got off the ground, simply because someone couldn’t find the investors to make it happen? How many would-be investors missed out on these opportunities, because they didn’t have the means to hear about them?


We set out to change that when KoreConX was founded back in 2016. The private capital market is 4 times the size of the public market, and there are more great ideas in garages than ever before. Our mission is to bring these things together,  to jumpstart innovation, create jobs, and help more people realize their own version of the American Dream. 


Whether you are inside your garage or you are looking for a good opportunity to invest, we are sure that is where true independence lies. We wish you a glorious Independence Day of celebration, parades and opportunities ahead.


Oscar A Jofre

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