The 4 Things You Can’t Do While Marketing a New Reg CF Fund

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Your Reg CF Marketing has qualified, and it’s time for the next step! As exciting as this is, there are several things to be aware of before throwing any marketing ‘out there.’ It all includes having a marketing professional, the verbiage and images used, and types of marketing. Now let’s take a closer look at each of these marketing aspects of a Reg CF Marketing to know better Reg CF meaning and Reg CF platforms. The following details apply to ‘test the waters’ (TTW) and marketing after your Reg CF qualification.

Use of Improper Verbiage and Images

Marketing in the general sense is to sell a product, sometimes with slight fabrications or indications of potential success or future opportunities. Keep a keen eye to separate Reg A vs Reg CF verbiage. With Reg CF platforms, these are common pitfalls that must be avoided. Did you know something as simple as the word amazing, promising, commit, or golden is considered improper in Reg CF Marketing? These words are over-the-top statements implying merit, interest, offering anything ‘special,’ or a return of any degree. As for images, it is similar in thinking to verbiage. No money, cash registers with overflowing tills, graphs with arrows pointing skyward, and the like are a no-go.

Lacking an Online and Digital Presence

Strategic digital and online marketing plans are no longer an option. Potential investors, especially new generations, will expect a significant digital presence including a well-structured website, social media presence, and more often than ever, a related app. Social media is essential because each follower gained is a potential investor (and their followers will see they’ve followed your Reg CF, which means more potential investors).

Making Investors Search for You

With any marketing plan, you have to stay top of mind. Potential investors will expect ‘face time’ to build a connection with your Reg CF mission and vision. The term ‘face time’ is about communication from you or your executive team through webcasts, online video events, and meet and greets with question-and-answer sessions. After all, they may be investing in your Reg CF, and it’s by far the least you can do.

Do-it-Yourself Reg CF Marketing

While setting up a website is an easy task in our digital world, it does take considerable time and effort to keep up with constant content. As seen above, ensuring your website complies with Reg CF advertising rules and regulations is another task altogether. To get your best return on investment hiring a professional who understands the Reg CF world is worth every penny. Professional marketers can provide the initial setup of a website, regular updates, social media posts, videos, regular email notices, and additional marketing pieces. Plus, it frees up your time to interact with potential investors.

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