KoreClient Spotlight: Notarized.com

Notarized.com is a company that provides on-demand traveling notary services nationwide to businesses and individuals, as well as offering remote online notarization services in a convenient and secure way to sign documents online. Their system is encrypted with the highest level of security, and all documents are certified and legally enforceable. Recently we spoke with Notarized.com CEO Omar Kubba about the company and what they hope to accomplish with their RegCF offering.


With a passionate team, Notarized.com wants to change how people view closings. Streamlining the notary order process, Notarized.com makes it easy for busy people to find a notary, schedule an appointment and get the job done quickly. Notarized.com also offers a cloud-based notary solution that is convenient and easy to use for scheduling a remote online notarization. This process protects your confidential information and electronic signature with encryption and offers a legally binding document. Customers can sign documents electronically from anywhere in the world at any time, or they can schedule a traveling notary on demand to come to them, documents in hand. 


A remote online notarization solution allows the entire document signing process to be seamlessly conducted in the cloud, eliminating paper, hassles, and wasted time while saving money. This is an excellent solution for title companies, independent escrows, real estate professionals, lenders, and attorneys.


Omar Kubba founded Notarized.com in December 2016. As a second-generation title professional with over 20 years of sales experience in the title insurance industry, Omar is a multiple award-winning sales executive ranked in the top 1% of title professionals in the nation. “My firsthand experience in the industry highlighted inefficiencies that could be solved with a signing solution. I started the company to create a better process,” said Kubba. Notarized.com has been entirely self-funded since its inception in 2016. Notarized.com only began the journey of capital raising because they have an extensive plan to expand the company to serve their clients better. “Because of what we were trying to offer, we decided to raise capital to bring that dream to fruition,” said Omar.


In the future, Notarized.com aims to expand its product and service offerings to clients, increasing the number of verticals it operates under. In their roadmap is a complete overhaul of the online notarization experience to include a sophisticated, innovative, and revolutionary remote, online notarization platform, and mobile app, a secure e-signature solution, nationwide deed preparation software engine, a Notarized.com certified training program for notaries, and a contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform that empowers users to manage every stage of business contracts, among other additions to its suite of capabilities. 


To help achieve these goals and facilitate the capital raising process, Notarized.com has contracted 21st Century Capital to guide them through the process of capital growth. With 20+ years of capital experience, 21st Century Capital has a track record of delivering results to the companies they work with. 


Notarized.com has chosen to raise the capital for its expansion via the crowdfunding provisions of the JOBS Act and is using the KoreConX All-In-One Platform. “Notarized.com has an opportunity to present itself to a huge group of worldwide investors and let these people get in on the ground floor. While I still raise capital the traditional way, [RegCF] has changed my way of thinking about raising capital,” said David Bernard, Notarized.com advisor.


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