$1 Billion Raised Through RegCF

$1B Raise through regCF

It seems 2021 is the year where we continue to break new ground for the JOBS Act, and today marks a momentous milestone in its history. Fundamentally, the act was designed to empower businesses and democratize capital. Not only has it succeeded in this goal, but it has also allowed companies to create jobs and return ownership to company founders. Recently, the amount of capital raised under Regulation CF offerings has reached an amazing milestone: $1 Billion USD over the lifetime of the exemption. 


This tremendous achievement would not have been achieved without the great work done by those in this sector. As of June 2020, there were 51 active RegCF funding platforms, a number that continues to grow as we see continued expansion on offering limits from regulators to make this funding method even more powerful. Now, over a year later, and after RegCF offering limits increased to $5M USD, we see nearly 70 regulated crowdfunding portals registered with FINRA.


We would not be arriving at this milestone today without the great work our of KorePartners in the industry, many of which have the same mission of creating equal access to the private capital markets for the everyday investor and include:



And perhaps most importantly, we would like to thank you: the investors who have poured capital into causes and businesses you are passionate about. Without your investments, we would be a long road away from the milestone we celebrate today. You have made the JOBS Act a reality and a phenomenal success that we could not have achieved without you. The everyday investors have been the lifeblood of this industry, fueling innovation, company growth, and job creations with your investments.


With more capital poured into private companies through these regulations, there is more opportunity than ever before for companies to succeed and investors to get involved with innovative, industry-changing companies. Such opportunities were previously unavailable to Main Street investors, but the JOBS Act has radically changed this landscape. After the incredible growth over the last nine years since the JOBS Act’s initial passage, it will be exciting to see how the space progresses over the next decade. 


Hooray to $1 Billion USD and counting!


As we move into the future, this is the group that will advance RegCF to raise $5 Billion USD for private companies:

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